letterhead (kepala / kop surat)

Examples of Letterhead

Letterhead is a part of missive, and it is placed at the top the letter. It is widely known to distinguish a formal and non-formal letter by the appearance of it. Someone who received a letter will notice it quickly because formal letter uses letterhead, meanwhile non-formal letter do not use it.

The function of letterhead is to represent the identity of institute. It consists of  name, address, logo or corporate design,  phone number, and sometimes a background pattern.

When we want to create letterhead for our letter, we must consider some of these points are exactly done :

1. Letterhead should be fully-written (it must have logo of institute, the name of institute, address, phone number, mailbox, faximile).

2. The name of institute should be written in capital.

3. It should be written in capital at the beginning of word for : address, faximiles, phone, mailbox must written capital. Example:

  • Address
  • Faximiles
  • Phone
  • Mailbox

4. It should be written in lower case for every conjunctives. Example:

  • in
  • and
  • at

4. There should be no cut down in every sentences. Example :

  • Ph. (instead of “Phone”)
  • Add. (instead of “Address”)

5. Do not use P.O.BOX to indicate Address

6. We should add colon (:) if there are numbers. We put this colon (:) after these words : Phone, Mailbox, etc. Example :

  • Phone: 021xxxxx

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